We have a worship band of excellent musicians who have dedicated their talent and skills to God. Sometimes we clap along with the songs and, at various times, you might see some folks lifting their hands in praise to God.   Sometimes, we dance as David did. We hope you will feel free to join right in or just observe.  Click 'The One I Believe' to listen to music by the worship leader.

Regarding the preaching & teaching  the message of Jesus Christ is never boring.   Because of God's great love, Jesus' great sacrifice and the fact that the time is short, we teach & preach with a passion and joy for God and for people.   The Pastors at Immanuel present practical messages that are biblical, inspiring, relational and very relevant to real life issues.

We believe a merry heart is like a medicine -- so we laugh a lot together.  And we believe there are consequences for unhealthy choices, so when necessary, we feel the Holy Spirit's conviction, sorrow for our sins and motivation to change.  And once we've responded to the Holy Spirit, it's time to celebrate!

We will never purposely do anything to embarrass you  or draw unwanted attention your way.  We will respect your desires, whether it's to be invisible for awhile or to jump in with both feet!

Whether you have been a Christian  all your life and are checking out Immanuel or you're brand new to all of this and are taking some time to check out this Christianity thing, we hope you'll find Immanuel to be a place of warmth and friendship.

If you want to participate in meaningful events while serving the Lord, then contact us at 718-460-2063 for more information or you can always This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

You can find more information about Immanuel on our website or you can click on the Events Calendar to see the scheduled events.